Ball Valve Manufacturer in Mumbai

SANCO Ball Valves are available in single-piece, two-piece and three-piece constructions. In these valves, line pressure forces the floating ball against the downstream seat to effect bubble-tight sealing. Blowout Proof Stem The side-entry stem of SANCOBall Valves has a shoulder that bears against a matching shoulder in the body to make it blowout proof - the higher the line pressure, the better the sealing to atmosphere. Mirror-finished Solid Stainless Steel Balls To obtain bubble-tight sealing and lower operating torques, mirror-finished SS balls are used as a standard. The solid construction of the balls guarantees higher structural strength. Inserts in single-piece Ball Valves are provided with a hexagonal slot for easy removal.

Seats with Pressure-relieving Slots Seats with fine grain structure are used to ensure better strength and longer life. Pressure-relieving slots are a unique feature of SANCOBall Valves. The slots relieve upstream pressure when the valve is in closed position and prevent seat damage. Actuator Mounting Flange SANCOsingle-piece and two-piece Ball Valves are provided with an integral actuator mounting flange conforming to ISO 5211. Please note that full bore valves in sizes DN 15 to DN 25 would be supplied with mounting arrangement as per L&T's manufacturing standard.